We only sell 100% Arabica beans sustainably sourced from coffee growing regions around the world.

We've chosen a brilliant roaster in the UK who take so much care in blending beans and roasting them to create the best flavours! 

You can order beans freshly ground to suit your brewing preferences in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags.

Pop us an email if you're interested in having us attend your event. 

We have a large catering trailer that can run on a 13AMP house plug or a generator, we carry all our own stock including coffee and milk or milk alternatives, we have access to a variety of baked goods suppliers and will hand pick our team based on your requirements. 


We have a wealth of business knowledge between us and we're keen to share!


We're both trained accountants and baristas with hands on experience running a mobile coffee shop.

Whether it's setting up coffee machines, refining grind sizes and latte art, setting up an efficient workflow layout or simply planning your big spends, we can help.


Click "CAFE" if you need help with setting up a coffee shop and click "STAFF" if you're struggling to fill a staffing gap.

Having spent the better part of three decades turning his nose up at hot drinks in general, Brett's first coffee was on the banks of Lake Como staring into the eyes of a crazy Southern African who had coerced him into this (mis)adventure!

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