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Brett and I were both born, raised and educated in Zimbabwe.

We both lived in Cape Town for a while – around the same time as it happens.

We both arrived in the UK, as immigrants, in the same month of the same year - approximately 20 days apart in fact; but we didn’t meet for another six years.


We then, both spent, what feels like an enormous amount of unsatisfying time climbing the proverbial “ladder” in London.


Having lived and worked in London for a large part of our lives we’ve always had access to small boutique and hipster style coffee shops; tiny little businesses keen to share brewing techniques that extract the best and most interesting flavours.

As a result, we’ve always been a little nerdy about where our coffee comes from and how it was brewed but it was only after a trip to Melbourne in 2014 that we became really obsessed with the stuff.

When we finally decided to leave London plotting a change of lifestyle, we were confident coffee had to be a part of that journey.


Fast forward around a decade and we’ve ditched our jobs as Accountants, left London, undergone extensive barista training, discovered an extraordinary coffee roaster in Yorkshire – we own a mobile catering unit (and several coffee brewing and making systems), an online shop stocking our incredible speciality coffee beans and I think it’s safe to say become more obsessed than ever!


It pleases me to explain that Brett did not drink a single coffee until he decided to cycle from Pisa to Zurich – that’s right, across the Alps!


Having spent the better part of his youth turning his nose up at hot drinks in general, his first coffee was on the banks of Lake Como staring into the eyes of the crazy Southern African who had coerced him into this (mis)adventure!

For the record, I was not involved!!


It was love at first sip; okay maybe second but how appropriate he should fall in love with coffee in the home of coffee as we know it!! 

Let’s be clear, the home-home of coffee is Ethopia but it’s the Italian’s who taught us to drink espresso and cappuccino. I’ll save the nerdery for our blog…

2019 was our first year of trade, it has been an epic year full of emotional rollercoaster rides, dawn awakenings and life experiences – some that we hope to repeat others will never be spoken of – ever! I’m sure you will have seen exploits on our social media.


The end of our first season saw our darling Betty (the catering trailer) in need of some high-quality TLC so we’ve packed her off to a specialist and we’re pouring our energies into planning and scheming for 2020.


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